He Dances

May 2nd, 2015 | By | Category: 26-4: Tribal College Governance
By Vicki Marie Alberts


His life was risked for mine;

So for this,

You and I,

We, are indebted

Never truly able to repay this type of note

Because it is not a monetary issue

Today his life was cut short

And time was ticking faster

The history of the earth in 24 hours

My 15 minutes of existence was now his 15 seconds

Bitter he was never

After all, he was a soldier and

Survival is what he knew

So at 6:30 he put his boots on

Because at 7 pm,

He dances

It’s his job to once again

Lead his country,

not into battle but into

Operation Celebration of Survival

And he dances

I stand with all of the

Spectators to show my respect

His honoring is not once a year

When the department store has a clearance sale

I look at him with tears in my eyes,

But he is never dismal nor arrogant

Because he knows every time he enters the circle

He humbly accepts this honoring

As He Dances

He is well aware

With each round,

Each push-up,

Time keeps ticking

However, he is still here

And he still dances

Dance for elders and all they have taught him

Dance for the sick that no longer can

Dance for the future generations

who follow him into the circle

With each step he gives them a little bit of himself

And may be even another heartbeat.

So he dances.

The creator calls only

When we are ready.

So now his time has come

It may be true that he

No longer suffers,

But tears are all I have to give

for the unpaid note of my freedom.

He made the ultimate sacrifice

When he made the choice

To put my life before his

Whether he realized it or not,

Gone but never forgotten

7 O’clock has come once again,

the announcer says,


I am again in the crowd of spectators

Watching the beauty of the colors,

Standing to show my respect for the present

day warriors

And remembrance of those past

I look up to the sky

and notice him,

Moving with the beat of the drum

I am content to know,

He still dances.

Vicki Marie Alberts is an enrolled member of the Three Affiliated Tribes and is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in environmental science at Fort Berthold Community College.

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