26-3: “Global Indigenous Higher Education” Table of Contents

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On a Dream and a Prayer: The Promise of World Indigenous Higher Education
By Bradley Shreve
Today, Indigenous peoples worldwide are coming together to assert greater self-determination in higher education. The movement is built on shared experiences and underscores the importance of Indigenous ways of knowing. TCJ PAID CONTENT

From Montana to Brazil: Sparking an International Indigenous Consciousness
By David Yarlott Jr.
At the world Indigenous peoples’ games in Brazil tribal college and university leaders made new friends and sparked an interest in the TCU model as an alternative to non-Native higher education. TCJ PAID CONTENT

For a Sustainable Future: Indigenous Transborder Higher Education
By Adrian Quijada, Edison Cassadore, Gaye Bumsted Perry, Ronald Geronimo, Kimberley Lund, Phillip Miguel, Mario Montes- Helu, Teresa Newberry, Paul Robertson, and Casey Thornbrugh
Recent immigration policies have led to a fortification of the U.S.-Mexico border. Tohono O’odham Community College is at the front lines, studying and negotiating how the international border affects Indigenous communities and ecosystems. TCJ PAID CONTENT


Dear Readers: Celebrate our WINHEC partnership
By Carrie Billy

Editor’s Essay: Thinking Globally
By Bradley Shreve

On Campus: Tribal College News

TCJ Student: My Grandfather NEW!
By Will Strongheart

The best in tribal college student writing and art.

Research: A History of the First Nations College Movement of Canada, 1969–2000
By Steven J. Crum
A history of the First Nations college movement of Canada.

Talking Circle: Best Practices on Creating a Successful Internship Program
By Elizabeth McClain and Annette Vander Ven
Searching globally for teaching methodologies in statistics proved rewarding at Aaniiih Nakoda College. TCJ PAID CONTENT

Profile: Trevor Moeke
By Tom Davis
A Maori leader on the world stage, Trevor Moeke brings optimism and energy to global Indigenous higher education. TCJ PAID CONTENT

Media Reviews
With contributions from David Yarlott Jr., Kathleen M. McIntyre, Colin Snider, and Jurgita Antoine.

Voices: Hene’enovohostotse (Learning)
By Richard Littlebear
International learning experiences can be immensely rewarding for tribal college students. TCJ PAID CONTENT

ON THE COVER: The Caretaker by Sam English (Ojibwe)

Web Exclusive

The Borderline: Indigenous Communities on the International Frontier
By Rachael Marchbanks
The United States shares international borders with Canada and Mexico that total 7,458 miles. These artificially drawn borderlines have seriously affected the Indigenous peoples living in borderlands regions.

The En’owkin Centre
By Leif Gregersen
Deep within Canada’s Okanagan Valley sits a very special Indigenous institution where culture, language, and community are paramount. Dogrib author Richard Van Camp reflects on the center’s importance and influence.

Resource Guide
By Bradley Shreve

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