Diné College Offers B.A. in Business Administration

Nov 9th, 2014 | By | Category: 26-2: Workforce Development, Tribal College News
By Cuyler Frank

In launching its new baccalaureate program in business administration, Diné College is taking steps to strengthen the economic sovereignty of the Navajo Nation. Photo by Ed McCombs

The Higher Learning Commission has approved a new baccalaureate program in business administration to be offered at Diné College. The new Bachelor of Arts degree prepares students in business administration generally, but emphasizes tribal management and economic development. The program is offered through the college’s Business, Applied Science, Economic, and Technology (BASET) Division. “These academic programs serve bot h the workforce and the community development needs of the Navajo Nation and other tribes,” stated Diné College president Dr. Maggie George. “Workers in the tribal business sectors can now seek to advance their careers at Diné College.”

Students who are admitted to the program learn about strategies in development and entrepreneurship within one of the 565 federally recognized tribal nations in the United States. The new program’s curriculum includes contemporary issues pertaining to tribal economic development, leadership, management of government agencies and enterprises, and the development of Native entrepreneurship. “This four-year program is unique and possibly one of its kind in the nation, it will focus on subjects that are designed to help students understand management of government agencies and enterprises in tribal nations,” said Medhat Farooque, a business instructor at the college.

The BASET Division accepts students entering the program as freshmen, sophomores, or juniors. According to program requirements, admitted applicants with a high school diploma or GED and students currently working towards an associate’s degree in business administration but with fewer than 30 credit hours will be considered as freshmen in the program. Admitted applicants who have earned more than 30 credit hours in the program can continue as sophomores. Those students who have earned their associate’s degree in the program can continue as juniors in the bachelor’s program.

In 2014, the BASET division graduated 19 students with an Associate of Arts degree in business administration. The associate’s degree program encourages its graduates to apply for the new baccalaureate degree program. However, due to limited space and a desire to maintain a strong teacher-to-student ratio, the program will be limited to cohorts of 25 students.

In an effort to facilitate families and those who work full-time, classes are scheduled for late afternoon, evenings, and weekends. For more information about the program and other related degree programs at Diné College, contact the BASET Division at baset@dinecollege.edu.

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