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Origin Story: The Genesis of Tribal College Journal
By Paul Boyer
TCJ founder and former editor, Paul Boyer, looks back at the origins of the journal and the tribal college movement, meditating on how youthful exuberance—and naivety—are often essential ingredients for action. TCJ PAID CONTENT

Launching Lives of Service: We Honor 25 Outstanding Tribal College Alumni
By Marjane Ambler
To celebrate our 25th anniversary, longtime editor Marjane Ambler selected 25 alumni from tribal colleges and universities all over North America who have gone on to serve their people and communities. TCJ PAID CONTENT

Educating the Mind and Spirit: The American Indian College Fund Celebrates 25 Years
By Dina Horwedel
Founded the same year as TCJ, the American Indian College Fund has been a vital force in the tribal college movement, offering student scholarships and programmatic support. TCJ PAID CONTENT

Leaning In to the Future: Tribal College Journal embraces the Next 25 Years
By Rachael Marchbanks
There has been a paradigm shift in the media industry over the past 25 years, leading to the demise of many publications. TCJ publisher Rachael Marchbanks illuminates how TCJ has adapted and transformed in order to navigate this sea change. TCJ PAID CONTENT

TCJ Student
Edited by Irvin Morris
Author and tribal college educator Irvin Morris guest edits the 2014 edition of TCJ Student, while the poet laureate of the Navajo Nation, Luci Tapahonso, offers a special message to tribal college students.


Anniversary Introduction
By Lionel Bordeaux Special to TCJ!
A quarter century after introducing the inaugural issue of TCJ, Sinte Gleska University president and tribal college movement founder Lionel Bordeaux offers words of reflection and inspiration

Dear Readers: TCJ Records Progress, Struggles, and the Power of Education
By Carrie Billy

Editor’s Essay: Proud of Our Heritage
By Bradley Shreve
Although TCJ has transformed and evolved over the past 25 years, the journal’s mission has remained the same.

On Campus: Tribal College News

Web Exclusive

25 Years of Tribal College Journal: An Editorial and Graphic Retrospective, 1989-2014
By Bradley Shreve
TCJ has evolved into a dynamic and multifaceted publication since its inception 25 years ago. Uncover the history of the journal’s transformation in this behind-the-scenes anniversary feature.

A Tribute to Paul Boyer
By Joe McDonald
The former Salish Kootenai College president underscores the contribution that TCJ founder Paul Boyer and his father Ernest made to tribal colleges in this special edition of Current Reflections.

Moving Forward
By Tina Deschenie
As part of our anniversary celebration, the former TCJ editor and current Navajo Tech provost examines 25 tribal colleges that have made great strides, and overcome formidable obstacles.

The Meeting Place
By Ryan Winn
Tribal College Journal has been an invaluable forum for tribal colleges to share information and exchange ideas. In this web-exclusive feature, TCJ columnist and educator Ryan Winn ruminates on the importance of this role.

WRITER’S CORNER: Content Development with a Twist
By Ryan Winn
The best writing doesn’t simply navigate readers, but rather instills a sense of urgency that compels them forward. The professor from College of Menominee Nation discusses how you too can hook your readers.

26-1 Fall 2014 “25 Years of Tribal College Journal” Resource Guide
By Bradley Shreve
An overview and summary of sources relating to the history, operations, and evolution of Tribal College Journal of American Indian Higher Education.

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