Harvard Project Selects TCU Staffer For Honoring Nations Program

Jun 2nd, 2014 | By | Category: Online TC News, Tribal College News, Web Exclusive

The Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development has selected Karen Cary, the director of career and technical education at Leech Lake Tribal College, to take part in its Honoring Nations program. Cary was one of three applicants chosen for the year-long leadership program.

Supported by the Bush Foundation, the Harvard Project’s Honoring Nations program is designed to support programs that facilitate tribal self-governance and sovereignty. “To continue our nation’s strength into the next century, we need to be intrepid, but still good listeners. We need young leaders who know that it is not about who I am or what I have. Leadership is about our future, and the children coming, and the responsibilities of all leaders to their nations,” explained Chief Oren Lyons, Faithkeeper of the Onondaga Indian Nation and chairman of the Honoring Nations board of governors.

There was a large pool of applicants, making the selection process highly competitive and the selection of LLTC’s Karen Cary especially impressive. Cary is working to improve the college’s career and technical department so that students will be adequately prepared for jobs as police officers, carpenters, business managers, and electricians. She is especially concerned with developing hands-on teaching strategies that give students experience in their respective field of study.

For more information on the Harvard Project’s Honoring Nations program, visit their website at: http://hpaied.org/honoring-nations/about-honoring-nations.

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