Students gather to compete in Navajo cultural activities

Nov 25th, 2013 | By | Category: Online TC News, Tribal College News, Web Exclusive

DINE COLLEGE COMPETITION Students of all ages representing 14 schools competed recently in a variety of Navajo cultural activities held at Diné College (DC, Tsaile, AZ). The Center for Diné Studies (CDS) and the Center for Diné Teacher Education (CDTE) hosted a Navajo spelling bee, joke-telling, and song and dance competitions. The winners received trophies for their outstanding performances and certificates for their participation.

“Our goals are to preserve and teach the culture and heritage of the Navajo people here at Diné College. It brings much pride to see young Navajo students taking the initiative to speak, write, or even sing in Navajo,” said Thomas Littleben Jr., chair of CDS. The event attracted 356 high school and college students who competed in their respective competitions.

Dine-College-Competition-2Barsine Benally, an instructor in CDTE, coordinated the song and dance competition and was enthused about the outcome of the event. “Diné College has always been known to bring our communities together, this is how I knew the college way back when I was a student here. By offering [such] events…we are creating opportunities and strengthening the connections to our communities. Our children are out there, our supporters are out there anxiously waiting for the opportunity for us to welcome them. K’é binahji’ nihizaad dóó nihe’é’ool’iił náásji’ náánáádlééł doo dóó niha’áłchíní náás náádayódléeł dooleeł (Through kinship may our children and us continue speaking our language and practicing our culture), said Benally.

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