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25-2 WINTER 2014Features

Healing Ourselves
By Cheryl Crazy Bull
For over 40 years, tribal colleges and universities have devised innovative programs to address behavioral and tribal health. Cheryl Crazy Bull, president and CEO of the American Indian College Fund, looks back at the progress made and details current strategies and initiatives.

Working Together: Wellness and Academic Achievement at Tribal Colleges and Universities
By Bonnie Duran, Maya Magarati, Myra Parker, Leo Egashira, and Billie Jo Kipp
The Indigenous Wellness Research Institute at the University of Washington is collaborating with tribal colleges and universities to examine alcohol, drug, and mental health issues among Native students.

AIHEC at 40

August 7-10, Pojoaque Pueblo, New Mexico

The American Indian Higher Education Consortium celebrated its 40th anniversary at Buffalo Thunder Resort in Pojoaque Pueblo, New Mexico. Highlights from the celebration.


Dear Readers: TCUs Leading Efforts to Restore the Circle
By Carrie Billy

Editor’s Essay: Restoring the People’s Way of Life
By Bradley Shreve


Profile: William Freeman
By Barbara Ellen Sorensen TCJ PAID CONTENT

Talking Circle: Learning Behavioral Health and Wellness the Native Way
By Amanda Takes War Bonnett TCJ PAID CONTENT

On Campus: Tribal College News

Media Reviews By Carmelita Lamb, Ahmed Al-Asfour, Jurgita Antoine, Jerry Worley, Miriam R. Jackson, and Bradley Shreve

Voices: The Suppression of Voting Rights in Indian Country TCJ PAID CONTENT

ON THE COVER: The medicine man Black Hawk (Itázipãho Lakota) produced this drawing during the harsh winter of 1880-1881. As he and his family struggled to survive, Black Hawk chronicled a long dream that he had in his ledger book. This picture is 1 of 82 from that dream. To view his work in its entirety, visit plainsledgerart.org. Thaw Collection, Fenimore Art Museum, Cooperstown, New York.

Web Exclusive

Meditation on the Reservation: Improving Health through Meditation at Diné College
By Don Robinson

Current Reflections: In the Shadow of Sequestration
By James Shanley

Resource Guide By Teresa Abrahamson-Richards and Jessyca Murphy

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