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 FALL 2013 ART & SYMBOLISMFeatures

Beyond Tradition: Culture, Symbolism, and Practicality in American Indian Art
By Barbara Ellen Sorensen
Tribal college faculty and artists meditate on the meaning of tradition and the inherent utilitarianism in American Indian art.TCJ PAID CONTENT

Star Power: Piecing Together Tradition and Community
By Richard Peterson
At Fort Peck Community College, students learn not only the art of quilt-making, they also gain an understanding of the social and cultural importance of the star quilt tradition.TCJ PAID CONTENT

Inspired Art in the Bear’s Paw Mountains
By Jerry Worley
Art professor John Murie of Stone Child College discusses how Native art is constantly evolving and integrating new ideas – something he witnesses every class period.TCJ PAID CONTENT

TCJ Student
Pulitzer Prize recipient N. Scott Momaday (Kiowa) offers a message of inspiration to TCJ Student’s burgeoning writers.

The 32nd AIHEC Conference, March 18-22, 2013, Green Bay, Wisconsin
Tribal college students, faculty, and administrators gathered for a week of planning, competition, and friendship. Highlights from 32nd conference.


Dear Readers: Students Share the Importance of Education
By Rachael Marchbanks

Editor’s Essay: Let Us Dream
By Bradley Shreve

On Campus: Tribal College News

ON THE COVER: “Those Northern Mystical Ones” by Sam English. The Anishinaabe Arts Initiative originally used this painting as part of its campaign to promote traditional and contemporary Native American Arts on the White Earth, Red Lake, and Leech Lake reservations. To learn more about Sam English and his art, please visit www.samenglishart.com

Web Exclusive

Jamison Chas. Banks and “Terrortories”
By Ryan Rice

Nelson Chasing Hawk, Charles Her Many Horses, and the Great Plains Art Institute
By Martina Lee and Jurgita Antoine

Symbolism in the Search for Tribal and Personal Identity: The Work of Charles Her Many Horses
By Margaret A. MacKichan

The Artwork of Donna R. Charging

A Woven History: Teaching and Appreciating Art at Tohono O’odham Community College
By Martha S. Lee

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