Gathering Native Scholars – UCLA’s Forty Years of American Indian Culture and Research

May 15th, 2013 | By | Category: 24-4: Language Revitalization, Media Reviews

UCLA American Indian Studies Center (2009)
630 pages

Review by Thomas Disselhorst

This volume covers a broad spectrum of issues and authors that have been highlighted in the American Indian Culture and Research Journal over the past forty years. Published by the American Indian Studies Center at the University of California at Los Angeles and featuring many prominent Native researchers and commentators, the book looks at how the journal has examined topics ranging from the Bureau of Indian Affairs to interpretations of Louise Erdrich’s fiction. If a theme can be established in this collection, it is that the existence of these essays and scholarly articles indicates, as editor Kenneth Lincoln states, that “we can see an ongoing tribal renaissance through to new beginnings for our children’s children.” The book cries out for an affirmation of respect for the wisdom of those who have had to struggle to bring their knowledge forward in a largely indifferent dominant culture.

Tom Disselhorst is general counsel for United Tribes Technical College. He has also taught federal Indian law and tribal law at UTTC.

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