CNC granted academic accreditation

Feb 25th, 2013 | By | Category: 24-3: The Science of Place, Tribal College News
By Brian Daffron

The Board of Trustees for the North Central Association-Higher Learning Commission (NCA-HLC) of Chicago, IL voted on November 1 to grant Comanche Nation College (CNC, Lawton, OK) “the status of candidate for accreditation,” according to a letter from NCA-HLC President Sylvia Manning.

With candidate for accreditation status, CNC is now approved to offer certificates and associate-level degrees. CNC is the first and oldest tribal college in Oklahoma, and was founded by Charter from the Comanche Nation in 2002. Currently, CNC has 195 enrolled full-time students and has awarded seven associate-level degrees. “This journey has taken Comanche Nation College four years to accomplish and is indeed an accomplishment as we are now the first Oklahoma accredited tribal college,” says President Consuelo Lopez. “The accreditation will indeed give us the ability to provide students with Financial Aid, thereby giving us independence to meet the needs of our community and better serve our students. Thanks to the faculty and staff for your contributions to the process!”

CNC will be a candidate for accreditation distinction for four years. A biennial evaluation by NCA-HLC will be held in 2014 to determine if the tribal college is making adequate progress toward full accreditation requirements. According to NCA-HLC guidelines, if an institution believes that it is making better than adequate progress within the candidacy time frame, a request for “Early Initial Accreditation” can be filed in place of the biennial evaluation.

The Statement of Affiliation Status and the Comanche Nation College Organizational Profile can be found on the NCA-HLC website, For more information on CNC and the upcoming spring semester, call (580) 591-0203 or visit

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