Sitting Bull College’s Renewal of the Land project

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Renewal of the Land is a U.S. Department of Agriculture-funded project that seeks to address issues related to food security in reservation communities. It is a unique collaboration between Sitting Bull College (SBC, Fort Yates, ND); North Dakota State University; South Dakota State University; the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service, Mandan; and Hettinger Extension Research.

The project’s goal is to establish a natural beef production system while addressing the prairie dog problem on pasture land. Essentially, project data will help find a balance between livestock and prairie dogs in a natural habitat. The project themes are centered on improving the land and wildlife habitat, food sustainability, creating employment opportunities, and making the quality of life in the community better, while upholding cultural values.

SBC faculty members, Dr. Gary Halvorson, Dr. Jim Garrett (Cheyenne River Sioux), Linda Different Cloud (Standing Rock Sioux), and Dr. Mafany Mongoh will be working with students at the project site located in Mahto, SD. Over the course of five years, participating students will gain valuable skills and knowledge in field sampling techniques, range management, wildlife management, ranching, community outreach, and livestock production. Students will also get an opportunity to design and create their own research projects.

The project also includes a community outreach component which includes training community members on management strategies and research techniques associated with the project. Students are an integral part of the community, and they will be trained and prepared to lead this project once it is turned over to the community.

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