2-1 Summer 1990 “How to Run a Tribal College” Table of Contents

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2-1 SUMMER 1990Features

Budgeting and Fund Accounting in the Tribal College
College President James Shanley explains how conservative accounting allows for progressive education. TCJ PAID CONTENT

Board Basics
Leadership and good will have strengthened the relationship between Salish Kootenai College’s board of directors and President Joseph McDonald.
By Daniel Carrigg and Dr. Magie Hunt TCJ PAID CONTENT

Building a Tribal College
Paul Boyer looks at six ways tribal colleges can serve the needs of students and communities. TCJ PAID CONTENT


Legislation: Washington Roulette
By David Archambault TCJ PAID CONTENT

Research: Founding of the American Indian Higher Education Consortium
The roots of the tribal college consortium researched by Wayne Stein. TCJ PAID CONTENT

Tribal College News

ON THE COVER: Traditional Native American culture and Western education converge in this song recorded in The Indians’ Book, a 1907 text by Natalie Curtis. The author explains that this song was contributed by Julia Yellow Hair, a “Dakota” Indian who was attending an off reservation boarding school. According to Curtis, “It is supposed to be sung by a young maid just setting out for school.” The lament is translated in the book:

Love Song
For the last time, come greet me again,
For the last time, come greet me again,
Dear friend, I loved thee alone!
Now to school I’m going away;
For the last time, come greet me again,
For the last time, come take my hand!

Illustration by Ward Associates, Sacramento, California

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