2-2 Fall 1990 “Leadership for Tomorrow” Table of Contents

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2-2 FALL 1990Features

This Is the Way It Must Be
Lionel Bordeaux says that Indians must determine their own future TCJ PAID CONTENT

Dream and Reality
Gerald Mohatt looks at the past and future of Sinte Gleska College TCJ PAID CONTENT

Educating Urban Indians
Getting urban-based Indians into college is a difficult task.
By Daniel Carrigg TCJ PAID CONTENT

Indian Education and National Policy
A growing awareness of educational needs for Native Americans is being fueled by the Indians themselves. By David Beaulieu, a member of the Indian Nations at Risk Task Force. TCJ PAID CONTENT


Innovation: Professional Scavenging Produced a New Science Facility at D-Q University
By Daniel Carrigg TCJ PAID CONTENT

Conferences: Looking for Tomorrow’s Leaders
Institute helps prepare the next generation of tribal college presidents.
By Paul Boyer

Tribal College News

ON THE COVER: Illustration by Ward Associates, Sacramento, California

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