3-2 Fall 1991 “The Persistence of Native Peoples” Table of Contents

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3-2 FALL 1991Features

Hawaiian Goes Home
More people are learning, and using, the Hawaiian language thanks to an innovative program at the University of Hawaii.
By William H. Wilson TCJ PAID CONTENT

Higher Education in the Fourth World
Indigenous peoples around the world are finding empowerment through higher education. Ray Barnhardt examines what they have in common. TCJ PAID CONTENT

Colleges Before Columbus
Long before there was the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria, native cultures in Central and South America created centers of advanced learning, according to Steven Crum. TCJ PAID CONTENT

No College is an Island
A conversation with Salish Kootenai College President Joseph McDonald.

The Future Meeting the Past
Tribal college students will live and work with Mayan Indians of Mexico. By Lyn Dennis-Olsen. TCJ PAID CONTENT


Editor’s Essay: The Legacy of Columbus
By Paul Boyer

Tribal College News

ON THE COVER: Illustration by Bob Lynch for In Cahoots, Inc.

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