4-1 Summer 1992 “Breaking Down the Walls: Confronting Alcohol, Drugs and Family Violence” Table of Contents

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4-1 SUMMER 1992Features

Cultures in Recovery
A powerful sobriety movement is taking hold in Indian communities across North America.
By Nancy Butterfield, Paul Boyer and Jennifer Gray Reddish TCJ PAID CONTENT

The Power of Alkali Lake
One group of Indians in Canada went from near total alcoholism to almost complete sobriety. Their story is inspiring hundreds of Indian communities.
By Marie-Helene Laraque TCJ PAID CONTENT

Living the Sober Life
An interview with Carol Coleman of Standing Rock College.

A Most Violent Institution
A tribal college instructor and counselor examines the causes of family violence and urges tribal colleges to acknowledge its impact in Indian communities.

Looking Inward
La Courte Oreilles Ojibwa Community College is building a program that attacks substance abuse among students and its entire community.
By Janice Rosado and Holly Teuber TCJ PAID CONTENT

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind
Dull Knife Memorial College offers mental health counseling and training programs in an underserved rural community.
By Arthur McDonald, J. Douglas McDonald and David Thomkins TCJ PAID CONTENT


Editor’s Essay: Good News, Bad News
By Paul Boyer

Research: Tribal College Faculty Attitudes Toward Accommodations and Services for Students with Disabilities
By John M. Dodd, Patricia M. Rose and Luanne Belcourt TCJ PAID CONTENT

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