5-1 Summer 1993 “Art: The Continuing Legacy” Table of Contents

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5-1 SUMMER 1993Features

Mixed Media
Traditional and contemporary art is promoted at the Institute of American Indian Art.
By Clifford LaFramboise and Marie Watt TCJ PAID CONTENT

Artist in Resistance
A review of Corwin Clairmont’s art by Eduardo Rabel. TCJ PAID CONTENT

From the Artist’s Hands to the Collector’s Shelf
The process of pricing and selling art revealed.
By Andrea Cooper Coron TCJ PAID CONTENT

When Art and Business Don’t Mix
Marketing can be overemphasized in art education, warns Margaret MacKichan. TCJ PAID CONTENT

Selling Art, Respecting Tradition
How to balance the need to honor culture and make money in art.
By Dennis R. Fox and Andrea Cooper Coron TCJ PAID CONTENT

The Sculptor, The Basket Weaver and The Carver
Three Northwest Indian College artists carry on traditions of the Pacific coast.
By Susan Syzmanski and Lyn Dennis TCJ PAID CONTENT


Profile: Making the Environment Her Business
By Marjane Ambler TCJ PAID CONTENT

Voices: Fear and Discovery
James McKenzie reflects on a summer spent teaching at a tribal college. TCJ PAID CONTENT

Tribal College News

Media Reviews
By Schuyler Houser

ON THE COVER: Navajo silversmith from the Smithsonian Institute, National Anthropological Archives.

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