5-4 Spring 1994 “Education” Table of Contents

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5-4 SPRING 1994Features

Seize the Day
Tribal colleges must focus on research, leadership and mutual support, according to Larry Belgarde. TCJ PAID CONTENT

Going the Distance
Telecommunications may allow tribal colleges to create a unique university without walls.
By Marjane Ambler TCJ PAID CONTENT

Learning for Life
United Tribes Technical College instructor Brian Palecek talks about the value of general education. TCJ PAID CONTENT

For Good Measure
What, exactly, do students learn in college? Jack Barden reports that American colleges and universities are now expected to know the answer. TCJ PAID CONTENT

Who Should Pass Judgment?
Sinte Gleska University Vice President Cheryl Crazy Bull urges tribal colleges to pursue self-accreditation. TCJ PAID CONTENT

Giving Accreditation Where Accreditation is Due
An interview with Patricia Thrash of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools


Editor’s Essay: A Brief History of a Young Journal
By Paul Boyer

Tribal College News

Media Reviews
By Paul Boyer

ON THE COVER: Cover and interior illustration by Bob Lynch for In Cahoots, Inc.

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