6-3 Winter 1994-95 “Philanthropy: Turning Old Money into Indian Money” Table of Contents

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6-3 WINTER 1994-95 COVER

Indians Giving
Native Americans are creating their own foundations and working as partners with non-Indian philanthropies.
By Marjane Ambler TCJ PAID CONTENT

Too Many Horses
Are Indians too wealthy?
By Marjane Ambler TCJ PAID CONTENT

Money with a Mission
A review of the history of philanthropy for Indians. Good intentions, if not positive results, were the order of the day.
By Rebecca Adamson TCJ PAID CONTENT

Building Trust
An initial grant of $1,500 was all members of the Pine Ridge Reservation needed to start building a sorely needed health clinic.
By Marjane Ambler TCJ PAID CONTENT


Editor’s Essay: Poor Little Rich Indians
By Paul Boyer

Legislation: Praise for AmeriCorps
By Michelle Sobel TCJ PAID CONTENT

Innovation: World Beat: Musical traditions meet in harmony

Profile: Finding a Barrier-Free Environment
By Louis Russette TCJ PAID CONTENT

Finance: Termination by Accountants
By Joseph McDonald and Michael O’Donnell TCJ PAID CONTENT

Research: American Indian Higher Education Curriculum: A Counseling Case Study
By Deborah Wetsit TCJ PAID CONTENT

Tribal College News

Media Reviews
By Gregory Gagnon and Jennifer Gray Reddish

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