IAIA Students Create Money-Themed Art

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STUDENT ART. “Soul Shopping: Online” by Rachel Kuc with “By the People for the People” by Heidi K. Brandow in the background.

Money & Wealth was the title of the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA, Santa Fe, NM) Student Winter Exhibit at the campus gallery, The Primitive Edge, from Dec. 7, 2011 until Jan. 20, 2012. Faculty from two programs—Museum Studies and Business and Entrepreneurship—developed the money-based theme, and students enrolled in the course MUSM190 Art & Exhibit Preparation designed and installed the exhibit.

With the IAIA Business and Entrepreneurship Certificate Program in its third year of existence, faculty were eager to see how the teaching of business concepts has impacted the intellectual capital of the art on campus. Students explored a variety of contemporary issues in their art including homelessness, credit, financial aid in higher education, Austrian School economics, and conflicts in taking money for cultural ceremonies.

IAIA senior Rachel Kuc created the mixed-media piece “Soul Shopping: Online.” Kuc explained that her piece is “an artistic social commentary that reflects on the debauchery of capitalism in an ephemeral digital era.” Heidi K. Brandow also worked with mixed media in her painting, “By the People for the People.” From below the bold red, white, and blue U.S. flag, layers of imagery from the Occupy movement stare out at the viewer, as if from behind the bars of a cage.

All IAIA students were invited to submit artwork for the show, which included painting, ceramic, sculpture, graphic art, installation, mixed media, photography, video, and other art forms.

Currently, there are more than 50 students enrolled in the 15-credit Business and Entrepreneurship Certificate Program; in its first two years, ten students graduated from the program. Students explore the history of money, wealth, poverty, usury, fiat currency, and budgeting, while developing a business plan for their own unique business.

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