23-4 Summer 2012 “Investing in Education, Empowering Tribal Communities” Table of Contents

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23-4 SUMMER 2012Features

Tribal Empowerment
By Dr. Paul Boyer
An unlikely promoter of tribal development, the National Science Foundation has set the bar for collaboration and capacity building. TCJ PAID CONTENT

Educating Students, Transforming Communities
By Sherrole Benton
Tribal colleges not only educate individual students, but also promote positive economic impact across reservations and regions. TCJ PAID CONTENT

Diné College Graduate Made it His Mission to do Well
By Davis Henderson
Now, three degrees later, he works as a Speech-Language Pathologist helping children on the Navajo reservation. TCJ PAID CONTENT

The Hard Work of Education
By Edwin Jones
One student at Chief Dull Knife College never thought he would succeed–and yet he is. TCJ PAID CONTENT


Dear Readers: Investing in Our Students is a Good Move
By Rachael Marchbanks

Editor’s Essay: Student Power
By Laura Paskus

Profile: Dr. David Yarlott
By Heidi M. Sherick TCJ PAID CONTENT

Talking Circle: Building New Programs at Tribal Colleges
By Dr. Douglas K. Stevens TCJ PAID CONTENT

Tribal College News

Media Reviews
By Dr. Bradley Shreve; Dr. Jerry Worley; Bob Gutierrez; Michael W. Simpson, J.D., M.Ed.; and Ryan Winn

Voices: The Indian Value of Planning and Saving for the Future
By Richard B. Williams TCJ PAID CONTENT

Resource Guide
By April D. J. Petillo

Special advertising section: Living Science

ON THE COVER: Photo illustration by Walt Pourier (Lakota), Nakota Designs. “Having a strong tribal economic development outlook is the foundation of our existence,” says Pourier, who is an artist and an activist, “and an understanding of our finances helps develop a solid ground on which to stand.”

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