7-3 Winter 1995-96 “Investment” Table of Contents

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7-3 WINTER 1995-96 COVER
Wancantognaka: The continuing Lakota custom of generosity
By Lydia Whirlwind Soldier TCJ PAID CONTENT

Tribes Building Permanent Homelands
By Theresa Carmody TCJ PAID CONTENT

Endowments: Investing in the future
By Michael O’Donnell and Marjane Ambler TCJ PAID CONTENT

Tribal College Investors Face More Challenges
By Michael O’Donnell and Marjane Ambler TCJ PAID CONTENT

Principles For Managing a Tribe’s Financial Investments
By Gelvin Stevenson TCJ PAID CONTENT

Prestige and Wealth in Traditional Blood Society
By Marjane Ambler TCJ PAID CONTENT

American Indian Administrator Preparation: A program analysis
By Ed Mills and Lowell Amiotte TCJ PAID CONTENT

Arapaho Names: Treasured gifts

Dear Readers: Mourning the Passing of Ernest Boyer
By Marjane Ambler

Editor’s Essay: The Long Tradition of Defying Selfishness
By Marjane Ambler

Research: Enhancing Faculty Development at Tribal Colleges
By William G. Tierney, Bert Ahern and Clara Sue Kidwell TCJ PAID CONTENT

Resource Guide

Tribal College News

Media Reviews
By Gregory Gagnon and Faith Hagenhofer

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