Archambault New President of Tribal College Consortium

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Standing Rock College President Dave Archambault

David Archambault, president of Standing Rock College in North Dakota, was named head of the American Indian Higher Educa­tion Consortium in October.

Archambault replaces Sinte Gleska College President Lionel Bordeaux, who headed the con­sortium for the past two years. Bordeaux will remain on the board as a member-at-large.

Also elected to the board is Ft. Peck Community College Presi­dent James Shanley, vice presi­dent; Salish Kootenai College President Joseph McDonald, secretary; and Oglala Lakota College President Lowell Amiotte, treasurer. Terms are for one year and are renewable for a second.

Archambault said his first priority is the 1990 reauthoriza­tion of the Tribal Controlled Community College Act. Assuring that the legislation addresses the many pressing needs of tribal colleges is a top concern.

In addition, working to build the amount of money that is actually appropriated is a con­stant concern, Archambault said. While the colleges received a significant increase in funding for this coming year, there is no guarantee of larger appropriations in the future.

These are immediate con­cerns. But Archambault would also like to focus more on the future.

“That’s just for survival,” he said. Then we can begin to ponder the future.”

Archambault would like to see tribal colleges enjoy greater visibility in the nation. From recognition, he believed, would come stronger support from all levels of society.

“We’ve done a good job with what we’ve got, but now we need to have people recognize what we can do,” Archambault said.

Expanding the network of tribal colleges should be part of this effort. Archambault said that “the colleges need to start looking at how they can have impact not only in their communities, but how they can help smaller nations that do not have colleges.”

Archambault has been presi­dent of Standing Rock College in Ft. Yates, North Dakota for two years. Previously he was activities director at United Tribes Techni­cal College for three years and principal of Little Wound School in Kyle, South Dakota for nine years.

He attended the Holy Rosary Mission, now Red Cloud Indian School, on the Pine Ridge Reser­vation and earned a bachelor’s degree in education from Black Hills State College. He later received a master’s degree in education administration from Pennsylvania State University.

Dave and Betty Archambault have six children, ranging in age from 5 to 21.

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