Fort Berthold Building New, Larger Campus

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New Fort Berthold college campus.

Fort Berthold Community College launched a $2.6 million capital campaign in March to build a new and larger campus.

Currently, the college, located in New Town, North Dakota, is housed in a collection of store­front buildings in the center of town. With only five classrooms, President Phyllis Howard says the college is filled to capacity and cannot grow beyond its current enrollment of 187 students.

The new 33,000 square foot college center will double the number of classrooms, allowing as many as 250 students to meet at any one time.

Howard says the land — five acres on the edge of town — has already been purchased. In addition, about one third of the $2.6 million construction cost is already available. Grants have been received from the Library Services Construction Act, the Otto Bremer Foundation of Min­neapolis, as well as from the existing capital campaign fund. In addition, the college may receive another $300,000 grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The college will be built in three phases. Construction of the library and classrooms will begin in July, with the admin­istrative offices and gymna­sium to follow.

“This has been on the back burner since the early 80s,” Howard says. “Now we’re putting it over the flame.”

“For all of us it’s a dream come true,” she says.

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