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May 15th, 1990 | By | Category: 2-1: How to Run a Tribal College, Tribal College News

Navajo Community College received a gift of over 3,000 books and documents earlier this year from the Heard Museum in Phoenix.

Over 168 boxes were delivered to the college, each holding books on Southwest Indian art, anthropology, Navajo and Native American culture, and music.

“We’re like kids at Christmas,” says Cindy Slivers, acting director of the college’s library. “Everyone is excited to discover what each box contains.”

Since the gift was made earlier this year, library staff have been working to catalog the material. “There’s so much,” she says. “We’re doing a little at a time.”

But as they do go through the material, Slivers says library staff have found many rare books and pamphlets from the last century that document Native American culture.

The new additions will increase the library’s collection by approximately 8 percent. Before the gift, the library held about 45,000 volumes. Slivers says the college participates in an interlibrary loan that makes the material accessible to students and researchers outside of the reservation.

Heard Museum Director Michael Fox believed Navajo Community j College could benefit from the additions. “We believe this transfer will help to strengthen your library collection and will be of educational value to your fine collegiate program,” he wrote in a letter to college President Lawrence Gishey.

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