Northwest Indian College Opens High School

Aug 15th, 1990 | By | Category: 2-2: Leadership for Tomorrow, Tribal College News

A new high school opened this fall on the Northwest Indian College campus.

Founded by the college, Lummi Middle College High School will work closely with its parent institution. According to North­west Indian College officials, students will receive a quality high school education while learning about college life and Lummi culture.

Core classes, such as language arts, math and history, are taught by state certified teachers in the high school. Elective classes, along with physical education and career education, are taken through the college and earn the students credit which may be “banked” and applied towards a college degree.

Lummi Middle College is intended especially for students who are at risk of not completing high school. The school’s staff is developing an intensive advising and counseling program. In addition, class sizes are kept small and advisors work closely with parents. Students are also encouraged to participate in a work experience program.

Students have the opportunity to take classes not usually found in traditional high schools, includ­ing canoe pulling, basketry, totem pole carving, Lummi language, and Indian dance.

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