American Indian College Fund Receives $3.6 Million From Theodore R. Johnson

Nov 15th, 1991 | By | Category: 3-3: Math, Science and Medicine, Tribal College News

A donation of $3.6 million has been made to the American Indian College Fund by Theodore R. Johnson of Delray Beach, Florida. The gift is the largest ever received by the fund, a non-profit organization estab­lished in 1987 to raise funds from the pri­vate sector to support the work of 26 tribal colleges located on and near reservations in the United States.

“This is an extraordinary opportunity for a young organization like ours,” said David Archambault, executive director of the American Indian College Fund. “It allows us to nearly double the amount of scholarship money we distribute to the colleges and significantly adds to our endowment.”

The donation, of which $2.4 million will be received immediately and another $1.2 million at the time of Mr. Johnson’s death, will be held in trust by The Theodore R. and Vivian M. Johnson Scholarship Foundation. The interest income is designated for scholarships.

Mr. Johnson, age 90, is a retired executive of the United Parcel Service of America Inc. He worked his way up in the company to become vice president for industrial rela­tions. Along the way he bought as much of the company’s stock as he could until he retired in 1952.

“I have always felt that Indians got a raw deal in this country, said Johnson. When I learned about their efforts to edu­cate their young people through the tribal colleges, I was impressed by their initia­tive and decided the most important way I could help them was through the American Indian College Fund.”

The American Indian College Fund is one of six educational institutions and causes chosen by Mr. Johnson to receive a total of $36 million intended to help poor and middle-class students, American Indians and the deaf. The other recipi­ents are Palm Beach Atlantic College, a scholarship fund for the children of U.P.S. employees, Gallaudet University, Florida School for the Deaf and Blind and a scholarship fund for poor children.

The American Indian College Fund is a non-profit organization established in 1987 to raise funds from the private sector to support the work of the colleges.

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