New Telecommunications Program at Fort Peck College

Nov 15th, 1991 | By | Category: 3-3: Math, Science and Medicine, Tribal College News
By Gordy Sherer

Fort Peck Community College and Rocky Mountain College, a non-Indian institution, are now sharing classes through a new telecommunica­tions exchange. Without leaving their own classrooms, Fort Peck students have studied money and banking while Rocky Mountain students have learned about federal Indian law.

In this new program, class lectures are videotaped. At the end of each week, the tapes from both institutions are exchanged through the mail and viewed by students at the other college. This low-tech approach is supplemented each week by a live video link where students are able to have discussions with profes­sors who are many miles away.

Steve Stiffarm, telecommunications director at Fort Peck Community College in Poplar, Montana and Doug Pierce of Rocky Mountain College have coordi­nated the project.

During the fall 1991 semester Fort Peck students were able to take advantage of Rocky Mountain’s course, Money and Banking. In return, the students at Rocky Mountain were offered instruction in Federal Indian Law.

During the spring semester of 1992, the program is continuing with an Introduction to the Old Testament course offered by Rocky Mountain. Fort Peck is providing their Native American Studies 110 class.

The use of telecommunications has sparked excitement among students and administrators alike, college officials said. It provides a valuable opportunity for both colleges to expand their offerings without great cost. Both colleges intend to expand the program next year and have been con­tacted by other universities interested in becoming part of the project

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