New Fort Berthold Campus Nearly Complete

Nov 15th, 1991 | By | Category: 3-3: Math, Science and Medicine, Tribal College News
By Gordy Sherer

After years of planning and fund-raising, the first phase of Fort Berthold Community College’s new campus is nearly complete. The edu­cational center will he dedicated on May 1, the college’s Founder’s Day. This new facility will include a full-service library, ten classrooms and a commons area.

Students, faculty and the community are excited about the new complex. Troy White Owl, president of the college’s Student Senate, stated at the ground­breaking that “there is an excitement in the air; one that is filled with hope— hope for a more promising future. We, working together, have created a great asset for the students, and the commun­ity itself.”

Fort Berthold Community College began a $2.6 million capital campaign in spring 1990 for construction of a new campus. Phase one of the project required $1.3 million. According to Lyn Dockter-Pinnick, president of the col­lege, the Capital Campaign Committee has been successful with their fund-raising efforts. As of February, the college has raised all but $65,000 of the money need­ed to complete the first phase. College officials are confident that the remaining money will be raised to allow completion by May.

Since 1985, the college has consisted of two classrooms and four offices located in an old grocery building on Main Street in New Town, North Dakota. This new complex will finally provide the college with a campus of its own.

Dr. Herbert Wilson, a member of both the honorary and Capital Campaign committees, stated that “the campus means the establish­ment of permanency.”

When phase one is completed. Fort Berthold Community College will con­tinue with the construction of phases two and three. Phase two will be an office wing for the college, while phase three will house the multipurpose activity cen­ter which includes an athletic center. The project was designed by architect Don Jiran.

The community of Fort Berthold is excited about seeing their dream become a reality and the Capital Campaign Committee is continuing its efforts to finance the remaining phases of the pro­ject. Contributions may be sent to the Capital Campaign Committee at Fort Berthold Community College, Box 490, New Town, North Dakota, 58763.

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