First Four-year Business Degree Offered by Sinte Gleska University

Aug 15th, 1992 | By | Category: 4-2: Reshaping Tribal Economies, Tribal College News

Responding to the growing need for business expertise on the Rosebud Reservation of South Dakota, Sinte Gleska University is now offering a four-year degree in business administration.

According to Department Chair Nora Antoine, the new degree “will cater to local needs” by preparing students to work in tribal and government offices, such as the BIA. It is also expected that graduates will develop their own busi­nesses on the reservation.

The curriculum offers courses that any business management student would recognize, such as management theory and statistics. But it also offers classes that acknowledge the unique needs of the reservation, including study of con­temporary native American legal issues and reservation economics. It also includes a three-part module the explores in depth issues of leadership, ethics and land.

It is also the only four-year degree at Sinte Gleska to require a second year of Lakota language study. “Tribal manage­ment involves issues of nationhood and identity,” says Antoine, making lan­guage study a logical requirement for graduation.

The program gives academic credit to students who enroll with prior business experience and will offer internships in local businesses and community devel­opment projects for those who don’t.

The program, already approved by the university’s board of regents, was also accepted by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, the region’s accrediting agency, after a site visit this autumn.

The bachelor of science degree in business administration with a tribal management emphasis is the third four- year degree offered by Sinte Gleska University. The university also offers bachelor’s degrees in elementary educa­tion and human services.

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