9-4 Spring/Summmer 1998 “Pre K-12 Education” Table of Contents

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Spirit Lake Sioux Children Start School at 6 Weeks
By Dorreen Yellow Bird

Indian Controlled Schools: The Unrealized Potential
By Dr. Loretta DeLong

Fort Peck Combines Language Immersion with Montessori Methods

Many Colleges, One Vision: A History of the American Indian Higher Education Consortium
By Paul Boyer

Tribal Education Code Can Remove Barriers to Learning
By Cheryl Crazy Bull and Sherry Red Owl

Completing the circle: Training Indian Educators to Prepare “At Risk” Students for College
By Jean E. Ness

Sitting Bull College Celebrates 25 years of Vision
By Cheryl Red Eagle


Dear Readers: Student Writing is a Great Reminder of TCJ’s Mission
By Marjane Ambler

Editor’s Essay: Tribal Colleges Reach Out to Future Students, Pre-K Through 12
By Marjane Ambler

Student Profile: Diacon Finally Home at IAIA
By Hollis Walker

Land Grant: Agriculture Signs Agreement to Provide Services to Tribal

Land Grant: SKC Protecting Native Plants
By Paul Boyer

Tribal College News

Resource Guide
By Mary Hermes

Book and Media Reviews
By James K. McNeley and Woody Kipp

ON THE COVER: Khena Fawn Bullshields (Shawnee/Blackfeet). Photo by
Mike McClure of McClure Photography & Media Works, Lander Wvo.

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