11-1 Fall 1999 “10th Anniversary Issue” Table of Contents

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11-1 FALL 1999 10TH ANNIVERSARY ISSUEDepartments

Introduction: Tribal colleges build Native wellness

Traditional Assiniboine family values: Let us bring back something beautiful
By James Shanley, Ed.D. TCJ PAID CONTENT

Dine College students research diabetes for their people
By Marjane Ambler TCJ PAID CONTENT

Implementing the executive order: HHS takes lead in developing comprehensive plan
By Marjane Ambler TCJ PAID CONTENT

Healthy tribal colleges create healthy communities
By Donna Demarest, Ed.D. TCJ PAID CONTENT


Dear Readers: We Are Interested in Your Input
By Marjane Ambler

Editor’s Essay: Tribal College Journal Looks Ahead to Challenges of Second Decade
By Marjane Ambler

Land Grant: Fort Berthold Gardens Fight Diabetes TCJ PAID CONTENT

Tribal College Profile: Carolyn Fiscus: Family Woman, Educator, Mom
By Richard Simonelli TCJ PAID CONTENT

Research: The Impact of a Casino on Education and Crime
By Milo Colton, Ph.D., J.D. TCJ PAID CONTENT

Resource Guide: Native American Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
By Jackie Two Feathers

Tribal College News

Media Reviews
By Philip H. Red Eagle and Ned Harper

ON THE COVER: Competitive racing of Indian War Canoes has been a long time tradition of the tribes in the Pacific Northwest. Photos of the Stommish Festival by Fredrick Lane, 2877 Lummi Shore Dr., Bellingham, WA 98226. Lane is a member of the Lummi Tribe.

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