23-3 Spring 2012 “Technology and Culture” Table of Contents

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23-3 SPRING 2012Features

Crossing the Digital Divide
By Sherrole Benton
At the College of Menominee Nation, instructors, students, and elders are using technology to restore language.TCJ PAID CONTENT

Online Teaching
By Ahmed Al-Asfour
Oglala Lakota College instructor describes the advantages, disadvantages, and best practices for online teaching at tribal colleges.TCJ PAID CONTENT

Accessing History from Home
By Mary Annette Pember
Partnering with museums and Indiana University, AIHEC has helped create e-Humanity, an online cultural portal.TCJ PAID CONTENT

Diné Find Harmony in Technology
By Daniel Vandever
At Navajo Technical College, students are using technology to ensure the Diné’s cultural survival.TCJ PAID CONTENT

Lakota Documentaries: The Legacy of Don Moccasin
By Dr. Jurgita Antoine
For 11 years, a project at Sinte Gleska University has been recording, transcribing, and translating the Lakota language.TCJ PAID CONTENT


Dear Readers: Let’s Thoughtfully Embrace New Technology
By Rachael Marchbanks

Editor’s Essay: Forging Ji-Mino-Bimaadiziwan (The good life for us all)
By Laura Paskus

Profile: James Shanley
By Dr. Paul Boyer

Talking Circle: Through Woksape Oyate, we share Our People’s Wisdom
By Charyl Crazy BullTCJ PAID CONTENT

Voices: To speak in a clear voice
By Jerry Worley, Ed.D.TCJ PAID CONTENT

Tribal College News

Media Reviews
By Eleanor Kuhl; Dr. Bradley Shreve; Michael W. Simpson, J.D., M.Ed.; and Ryan Winn

Resource Guide
By Ahmed Al-Asfour

ON THE COVER: At the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, students use the Digital Dome to create innovative works of art. Pictured here is artwork by Louva Hartwell, a student majoring in new media arts at the tribal college. Photo by IAIA Digital Dome Director, Ethan Bach. To learn more about IAIA and the Digital Dome, visit http://www.iaia.edu/ and http://digitaldomeiaia.wordpress.com/

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