Students Build New Classrooms at Blackfeet College

May 15th, 1995 | By | Category: 7-1: Tribal Colleges Looking to the Future, Tribal College News

Educators like to say that colleges exist for the students. But at tribal colleges, they often exist because of the students.  On many campuses, students frequently help construct classroom and administration buildings.

Blackfeet Community College continues the tradition with the recent completion of two student- built classrooms. There, as is the case at other tribal colleges, vocational educa­tion students got on-the- job training by building their own campus.

According to George Kipp of the vocational pro­gram at Blackfeet Community College, the two new classrooms will serve vocational students.

Each quarter, students from the carpentry program can sign up to work a few hours a day. With more than 30 students working on the project, the building was expected to be finished by early June.

This is the not the first building project undertak­en by the college. The school first built a 2,400 square foot log structure from trees on the reserva­tion. This time, the build­ing is a more conventional stick frame structure.

Kipp says the program gives students a chance to “see a finished product. These students can drive by and look at it and say, ‘I built that.’ It’s satisfying.”

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