Kevin Costner Video Promotes Tribal Colleges

May 15th, 1995 | By | Category: 7-1: Tribal Colleges Looking to the Future, Tribal College News

A major documentary on the history of native Americans is also drawing attention to the financial needs of the tribal colleges.

The videocassette release of 500 Nations, an eight hour documentary about Indian history, includes two public service announcements for the American Indian College Fund.

500 Nations was created by Kevin Costner’s Tig Productions and originally aired on cable television. It was released on videocassette May 30.

Microsoft Corporation also released a CD-ROM software version of 500 Nations in May.

“While 500 Nations focuses on the history of American Indians through 1990, we feel it’s also important to draw the public’s attention to present-day realities of Indian people,” says Jack Leustig, director and producer of the series.  “The American Indian College Fund and the Indian college movement address some of the most pressing problems in Indian country today.”

The public service announcements were produced pro bono by Weiden and Kennedy advertising.

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