Sinte Celebrates 25th Birthday

Feb 15th, 1996 | By | Category: 7-4: Wildlife Management, Tribal College News

1996 25th Anniversary Sinte Gleska University Founders Day Celebration Grand Entry

Sinte Gleska University celebrated its 25th anniversary in February with four days of festivities honoring students, friends, and supporters of the school in South Dakota. Since its 20th anniversary (TCJ Summer 1991), Sinte Gleska has changed its name from college to university to reflect its expanded mission.

Sinte Gleska University now offers master’s degrees in one area (elementary education) and bachelor’s degrees in 11 areas, as well as 7 vocational certificate areas. In addition, the university is actively promoting more student and staff research.   While it has emulated larger institutions, Sinte Gleska has not forgotten its tribal roots. The university has hosted many community forums to assess community needs, and the administrators are studying strategies to respond to issues such as land and language restoration.

In 1995, the university received an early birthday present from the Lannan Foundation– a $3 million grant for expanding the campus. Over the past three years, the enrollment has grown by nearly 50 percent, from 560 to 800 students. Construction has begun on a student center to replace the double-wide trailer that currently houses not only a tiny student lounge (seating 20 students) but also the school lunch kitchen and counseling center. An administration building and a technology center are also planned, using sustainable construction technology such as rammed earth and straw bale construction.


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