Crownpoint Bridges Gulf

Nov 15th, 1995 | By | Category: 7-3: Investing, Tribal College News

“The relationship of course work with the real world typically eludes many freshmen. At a vocational school, the perceived gulf between theory and practice can be even wider,” says Gayle Reiten, director of instruction at Crownpoint Institute of Technology.

Crownpoint Institute of Technology’s vocational and academic faculties have initiated a cooperative venture to address the difficulty. Faculty members formed three teams, each consisting of one math and one English teacher and three or four vocational instructors. In addition to teaching their regular courses, academic faculty visit each vocational class weekly. “On location,” they show students how math and English form foundations for all careers–from carpentry to culinary arts to computer technology. The Institute also now requires all students to take Report Writing, a one semester English course tailored to the needs of each vocation.

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