Dull Knife Students Practice Critical Thinking

May 15th, 1996 | By | Category: 8-1: Governance, Tribal College News

Students at Dull Knife Memorial College are mastering academic writing skills by learning in collaboration. Students taking Composition II classes at Dull Knife (a tribal college in central Montana) share rough drafts of their essays with students taking the same class at Miles Community College (a non-Indian school in Montana). During the peer revision stage of the writing process, the two groups use the mail or email to exchange the rough drafts. Comments and suggestions from their distance learning partners enable them to improve the essays before handing them in for final evaluation.

The exchange enables both groups of students to look beyond their own classroom both for challenges to their opinions and for validation. “It puts to test the premise that higher education prepares us to exchange ideas, evaluate differences of opinion, and practice critical thinking,” says Chuck Denny, the instructor at Dull Knife. The students meet once each semester to socialize as well. Denny expects the course soon to be taught using interactive telecommunications classrooms.

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