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May 15th, 1996 | By | Category: 8-1: Governance
By Marjane Ambler

We are always pleased when people involved with the tribal colleges offer to write for us. As noted in the mission statement elsewhere on this page, our journal is targeted first at the tribal college audience. They are, after all, our raison d’etre–our reason for being. At the same time, Tribal College Journal‘s mission is necessarily broad to match the broad mission of the tribal colleges themselves: Leading their communities into the 21st century. Consequently, we also welcome authors qualified to address the many issues that tribal colleges must address in addition to “higher education,” from sustainable development to Native language, tribal justice to law enforcement.

When people knowledgeable about the tribal colleges write articles, their insights serve our entire audience. The two lead articles in this summer issue of the Tribal College Journal were written by men who have been involved with tribal colleges for many years–Sky Houser on accountability and Mike Hill (Blackfeet) on voter education. The spring issue featured an article about the InterTribal Bison Cooperative by David Cournoyer (Rosebud Sioux), the public relations director for the American Indian College Fund.

As long-time readers know, each issue of the journal features articles devoted to a particular theme: agriculture, investment, wildlife management, governance. At least one of the features in each issue addresses “traditions” for that theme. In addition, we seek articles for the other departments in the journal, departments that reflect the colleges’ diverse responsibilities, such as “Faculty Development,” “Curriculum Development,” “Student Support Services,” “Fundraising,” and “Student Financial Aid.”

The tribal colleges approach these responsibilities with a fresh perspective, combining the best ideas from Western, mainstream institutions with their own. Within the pages of the journal, faculty and administrators can trade ideas with one another and with a wider audience. The “Resource Guide” and the “Book Reviews” sections are designed to share ideas on not only publications but also conferences, videos, organizations, and services available. Hopefully, they will complement faculty efforts to provide the best instructional material to their students.

We hope even more faculty will utilize the journal in their classroom instructional materials. A list of article titles in previous issues is available now from the marketing manager, Cynthia Antelope. A subject index will be available soon. We are always looking for more writers. Call or write to request our authors’ guidelines, which list themes for the coming issues. Contact us anytime with questions or comments. This is your magazine.

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