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Native American Repatriation Guide

The American Indian Ritual Object Repatriation Foundation has published a 166-page guide, Mending the Circle, to aid Native Americans in seeking the repatriation of specific items from museums and the private sector. The foundation also facilitates transfers of ceremonial materials from collectors and dealers back to tribes. Write 463 East 57th St., New York, NY 10022, call (212) 980-9441, or e-mail Repat Fdn@aol.com

Smithsonian Publications

The Smithsonian Institution (Washington DC 20560) publishes two brochures of interest to tribal museums and individuals. For a copy of “American Indian Sacred Objects, Skeletal Remains, Repatriation and Reburial: A Resource Guide,” write the American Indian Program, National Museum of American History, MRC 638 or fax (202) 786-2883. “Native American Resources at the Smithsonian” covers collections, research, training opportunities, and other services. Write Office of Public Affairs, MRC 421 or call (202) 357-2627. For information on internships and fellowships, contact Pamela Hudson, Office of Fellowships and Grants, MRC 902; call (202) 287-3271; fax (202) 287-3691; or e-mail siofg@sivm.si.edu

Institute of Museum Services

Since 1976, the Institute of Museum Services (IMS) has supported museums’ educational role through grant programs that encourage outstanding management and comprehensive collections care practices. IMS is the only federal source of operating support for many museums. It provides general operating support as well as support for training and technical assistance. Contact IMS, 1100 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington DC 20506. Call (202) 606-8536. E-mail imsinfo@ims.fed.us Website: http://www.ims.fed.us/

Keepers of the Treasures

Keepers of the Treasures is a cultural council of American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians, which provides technical assistance and seeks to identify funding from private and public sources. The next annual meeting will be in Anchorage May 21-27, 1997. Conference topics include subsistence, repatriation, traditional medicine, sacred lands, and traditional arts. The Alaska Keepers are involved in international repatriation efforts and have produced two repatriation videos. For information, contact Keepers at 619 East Ship Creek Ave., Suite 204, Anchorage AK 99501. Call (907) 258-2844. Fax (907) 258-7556. E-mail DLorenz@tribalnet.org about their home page.

Repatriation Thesis

“The Repatriation of Native American Skeletal Remains” by Carol E. Keesling, August 1993, is a 48-page master’s thesis, which explores the role of scholars over time in the debate about Native American demands for the return of their ancestors’ skeletons. It contrasts Native Americans’ claims with less appropriate claims (such as neo-Druids) elsewhere in the world. Her suggestions for the social scientists’ scholarly community and for improving museum displays are still timely. Send $10 to cover postage and copying to Tribal College Journal, PO Box 720, Mancos CO 81328.

Made by Indians Trademark

The Intertribal Agriculture Council (IAC) has prepared a brochure to introduce its “Made by American Indians” Trademark. The trademark was created for all American Indian people to use on their products as certification of their authenticity. It was created because millions of dollars are spent annually on fake Indian products, according to IAC. The trademark is registered for exclusive Indian use with the U.S. Patent Office. It is designed initially for food, livestock products, utensils, glassware, porcelain, and earthen ware. There is no fee for its use. For copies of the brochure, contact IAC at 100 N. 27th St., Billings, MT 59101. Call (406) 259-3525 or fax (406) 256-9980.

“Science or Sacrilege”

An independent videomaker and graduate student at Cornell University, Nick Nicastro, has produced a 60-minute video documentary on the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA). The video (“Science or Sacrilege: Native Americans, Archaeology & the Law”) explores the law’s impact on the practice of archaeology and museums. It includes interviews with members of the NAGPRA Review Committee, Native voices on both “sides” of the debate, anthropologists, archaeologists, and museum curators. E-mail Nick Nicastro:    nn12@cornell.edu or write to him c/o Intercollege Archaeology Program, B-59 McGraw Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY  14853.

ParkNet Home Page

The National Park Service home page includes a department called “Links to the Past” that offers information about America’s cultural heritage. A recent story documented “Ancient Architects of the Mississippi. The on-line magazine can be found at http://www/nps.gov.


Native Voices Public Television

Native Voices distributes award-winning documentaries by independent Native American producers. Films include “Without Reservations: Notes on Racism in Montana;” “Ernie Pepion and the Art of Healing” (about overcoming physical handicaps through painting); “The Place of the Fallings Waters” (history of a hydroelectric dam on the Flathead Indian Reservation); “White Shamans and Plastic Medicine Men;” “Warrior Chiefs in a New Age” (portrait of Crow chiefs and their prophetic visions); “Transitions” (Blackfeet language and culture); and “The Crow-Mapuche Connection” (art and international solidarity). For information write to Native Voices, VCB Room 222, Montana State University, Bozeman MT 59717, call (406) 994-6218, or fax (406) 994-6545. E-mail NV@sesame.kusm.montana.edu

Affirmative Action attacks

The American Council on Education (ACE) has published its 14th Status Report on Minorities in Higher Education. Students of color have posted significant gains in college enrollment and the number of degrees they earned in recent years, according to the report. However, the report warns that attacks on the use of affirmative action policies threaten the progress. Copies of the report are available for $19.95 each, prepaid, from Publications Department M, ACE, One DuPont Circle, Washington, DC 20036, (202) 939-9395.

Indigenous Cultural Exchange

The Nov/Dec. 1995 issue of Business Alert addresses cultural exchanges between American Indians and indigenous peoples of Japan, Australia, and the indigenous women’s caucus at the Beijing World Conference on Women. For copies contact the editor, Jerry Reynolds, at First Nations Development Institute, at 540 371-5615 or write FNDI, The Stores Building 11917 Main St, Fredericksburg VA 22408. Also ask to be placed on the mailing list for the annual financial Oweesta conferences.

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