Fort Belknap Linked to Other Colleges

Aug 15th, 1996 | By | Category: 8-2: Cultural Property Rights, Tribal College News

Fort Belknap College has completed construction of a new 80- foot by 150-foot multi-purpose education facility on its campus in northern Montana. The facility is utilized by staff, Board of Directors, faculty, and students and houses some of the college’s  telecommunications equipment.

The college received two telecourses last year from Northwest Indian College, a sister tribal college hundreds of miles away in Bellingham, Wash., via the American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC) Distance Learning Network. The network connects 29 tribal colleges together. The college has the capacity for two-way video and two-way audio reception and transmission over a T1 phone line. With the T1 ground line, the college plans to transmit classes this winter.

The satellite system utilizes two satellite dishes, which have the capacity to receive both KU and C-Band. The college can also receive classes from the Public Broadcasting System and other outlets. The college cannot transmit via the satellite system yet.

For various parts of the telecommunication system, the college received assistance from Montana State University-Northern, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, Telecommunications and Information Infrastructure Assistance Program, and the AIHEC Distance Learning Network.

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