AIHEC Conference Evaluated

Aug 15th, 1996 | By | Category: 8-2: Cultural Property Rights, Tribal College News

For the first time, a group of inter-tribal graduate students was hired to conduct the evaluation of the American Indian Higher Education Consortium’s annual conference. Inter-Tribal Research Associates of Montana State University has prepared a 36-page report on the April 1996 conference activities based upon personal interviews, observations, and survey questionnaires. The conclusions would be of interest to anyone planning an education conference.

The team evaluated whether activities would be useful at home and whether they helped the students enjoy learning. While rating most of the activities excellent, the evaluators offered constructive criticism as well. They said the business competition focused upon clerical exercises, not “business.” “This exercise should be a leadership activity. We need more business leaders than we need clerks.” The Academic Bowl received an excellent rating although some of the judges could not pronounce Native language words. The evaluators commended the traditional hand game tournament but condemned the golf tournament.

The team included 5 Native doctoral students, 3 advisors, and 15 other students. For information about obtaining the report or hiring the researchers, contact Lanny Real Bird at Little Big Horn College, P.O. Box 370, Crow Agency, MT 59022. Call (406) 638-7212 or e-mail

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