LCO Practices New World Farming

Aug 15th, 1996 | By | Category: 8-2: Cultural Property Rights, Tribal College News

The agriculture program at Lac Courte Oreilles (LCO) Ojibwa Community College promotes “organic” use of the land through New World–traditional–farming practices. Located among the pristine forests of northern Wisconsin, LCO’s New World farming practices utilize the 60 cleared acres of the 200 acre farm to mass produce products for sale and distribution to community members, according to Leslie Ramczyk, director of the Agriculture/Natural Resource Department. With the help of tribal members, the college is inventorying plants traditionally used for food, shelter, medicine, and spiritual needs.

The natural resources program not only offers academic opportunities during the school year but also an internship during the summer. Students are introduced to a broad range of natural resource practices and techniques, such as surveys on populations of fish, frogs, deer, birds, and plants; surveying; mapping; and compass orientation. “This program’s objective is to heighten the students’ awareness of the environment and increase their desire to learn more about it so they can become knowledgeable caretakers,” according to Ramcyzk.


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