DoD, Colleges Test Desktop Conferences

Feb 15th, 1997 | By | Category: 8-4: Racism, Tribal College News

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has agreed to work with three pilot tribal colleges in the Southwest and their presidents to purchase desktop video equipment for interactive conferencing. Great distances have made it difficult for the colleges to meet quickly and decide on issues that affect their institutions. Wanting to help open the communication channels, the DoD has agreed to test the systems with them. Three colleges will obtain systems: Crownpoint Institute of Technology, Navajo Community College, and Southwest Indian Polytechnic Institute.

Citizens Communications, which manages the Navajo Nation’s phone system, has been testing the systems for tribal officials. The Navajo Nation has 5,000 tribal employees and covers over 26,000 square miles. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Northern Arizona University have also been communicating with tribal officials utilizing this low-cost technology. So far it has improved communications tremendously where distances are a major problem, according to Steve Grey of LLNL. The three colleges are involved in the Tribal College Initiative, which plans to provide technical assistance and curriculum development assistance to other tribal colleges next year.

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