AIBL Expanding Business Outreach

May 15th, 1997 | By | Category: 9-1: Honoring Our Native Knowledge, Tribal College News

First Nations Development Institute has awarded $34,000 to American Indian Business Leaders (AIBL) to expand its chapters in all 30 tribal colleges in the United States and several state universities. AIBL encourages American Indian business students and entrepreneurs, connecting them to business leaders so they can develop the kills and expertise necessary to start or manage small businesses in their reservation communities. Established at the University of Montana in 1994, AIBL currently has chapters at 15 tribal colleges and 7 universities. The organization has helped place students with established businesses on and off reservations, such as Nike, Sears, Norwest Bank, and Blackfeet National Bank through internships and school-to-work programs.

First Nations also awarded $40,000 to Sitting Bull College in North Dakota to diversify its funding base to include private funding and income generating enterprises. First Nations support will enable the college to develop an income strategy based on the indigenous values of asset control and reciprocity so that students may succeed in today’s society while affirming an American Indian world view. In 1995, First Nations gave Sitting Bull $4,857 to send staff members to a fund raising school.

First Nations Development Institute is a 17-year old, non-profit organization in Fredericksburg, Va. Through its Eagle Staff Fund, it has awarded $3 million in the past three years.



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