S.D. Tribal Colleges Lose Tuition Grants Again

May 15th, 1997 | By | Category: 9-1: Honoring Our Native Knowledge, Tribal College News

South Dakota Governor Bill Janklow has once again blocked legislation passed by the South Dakota Legislature to provide some equity in higher education. For three years in a row, the lawmakers have passed legislation to provide the tribal colleges with a total of $50,000 per year in grants to assist non-Indian students attending the four accredited tribal colleges located in South Dakota. The effort to override the veto fell one vote short of the necessary two-thirds majority in the state senate.

Non-Indians often attend tribal colleges for many of the same reasons that Indians attend–they are the only educational facilities available near their homes. If divided by the number of students, the South Dakota allocation would have been only $125 per student when it was first passed in 1995, but it was believed to be an important first step.

Across the country, tribal colleges receive federal operating funds for only their Indian students so they must subsidize the costs of educating non-Indian students. While states support the education of their residents at non-Indian colleges, few states provide any support for their residents who attend tribal colleges.

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