Teachers Develop Navigation Curriculum

Aug 15th, 1997 | By | Category: 9-2: Re-envisioning Indian Education, Tribal College News

Teachers and tribal elders traveled to California last summer to work on curriculum related to historic navigation as well as space travel. The National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA) teamed up with the All Nations Alliance for Minority Participation (ANAMP) for the pilot project. The educators are developing American Indian-related curriculum in math, science, and technologies relevant to navigation. The two weeks in California included in-service teacher education.

The NASA Ambassador Program is intended to disseminate the K-12 navigational curriculum to Indian communities nationwide. Native students will be reconnected to their historical cultures and presented with future research opportunities. Indigenous cultures contain historical navigation sciences that will be incorporated into the curriculum. ANAMP is a non-profit organization funded by the National Science Foundation that involves 24 tribal colleges and 32 universities. It is based at Salish Kootenai College in Montana.

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