AIHEC Succeeds in Major Funding Increase for TCUs

Aug 15th, 2010 | By | Category: 22-1: Native Activism, Fall 2010, Tribal College News

This year, the American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC) was successful in working with Congress to include in the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act (SAFRA), $300 million ($30 million per year for 10 years) for the tribal colleges and universities (TCUs). The funds will be administered through the Department of Education TCU-Title III developing institutions program.

This funding, which is not subject to annual appropriations, is in addition to the discretionary funds appropriated each year for the TCUs Title III grants program. 

In the prior reconciliation act, the “College Cost Reduction and Access Act (CCRAA),” which was enacted in 2007, AIHEC secured two years of mandatory funding for the TCUs. Unfortunately, because the 2007 funding was distributed competitively, only about one-third of the eligible TCUs were able to benefit from that pot of money.
In contrast, the new funds will be disseminated through the distribution formula included in the reauthorization of the TCUs’ Title III program, ensuring that for the next 10 years all eligible TCUs will benefit from the new mandatory funding.

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