Nebraska Colleges Team Up with UNO

Nov 15th, 1997 | By | Category: 9-3: Responsible Welfare Reform, Tribal College News

The NASA Nebraska Space Grant and Experimental Program to Stimulate Research (EPSCoR) has initiated the Nebraska Native American Outreach Program (NNAOP). The NNAOP focuses on the use of aeronautics to improve the math, science, and technology skills of K -12 students as well as higher education students, according to Dr. Hank Lehrer of the UNO Aviation Institute. The program makes its learning activities both useful and fun. For example, children at public schools are learning about aerodynamics by constructing kites. The program also set up weather stations to document the microclimates at each campus, information that a tribe could use if it moved into specialty agriculture.

The Nebraska Native American Working Group (NNAWG) for the program includes the superintendents of the four Nebraska reservations’ school districts and the presidents of Nebraska Indian Community College and Little Priest Tribal College. Future joint South Dakota, Kansas, and Nebraska tribal college-related educational projects are planned.

Motivating students and enhancing curriculum are both essential elements of the program. Several educational activities have been funded, including organizational enhancement grants for the two tribal colleges, a global positioning receiver, and two weather data collection stations. Teacher workshops for science and mathematics enhancement begin early in 1998.

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