Fort Berthold Producing Radio Program

Nov 15th, 1997 | By | Category: 9-3: Responsible Welfare Reform, Tribal College News

Reba Bird conducts the interviews on KMHA.

Fort Berthold Community College (New Town, N.D.) staff and students are producing an hour-long radio program to promote activities at the college, offer updates on college events and classes, and present interviews with faculty and staff. The College Corner is repeated nine times each week on the tribal station, KMHA, with support from Station Manager Russell Parshall and Production Manager Kendrick Williams.

It features two special mini-programs. The Eagle Feather Pen features students reading poetry, essays, and short stories they have prepared for various classes. Cruzin’ Cuzins is a car chat program that entertains listeners with subjects such as the many uses of duct tape for reservation cars. “The title of the Eagle Feather Pen refers to the power and the spirit of the eagle, just as good writing and speaking combine the inner power and spirit of the student authors,” according to writing instructor Jim Fisher, who doubles as a “cuzin” to Marva Pretends Eagle. Student Reba Bird conducts the interviews.

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