UCLA, Sinte Developing Theater Program

May 15th, 1998 | By | Category: 9-4: Pre- K-12 Education, Tribal College News

UCLA’s American Indian Studies Center recently received a $500,195 grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to establish Native American theater program in tribal colleges. The three-year grant, the largest given to the center since its establishment in 1969, will also cover developing community-based theater initiatives in Native communities.

Project HOOP is a collaborative initiative between UCLA and Sinte Gleska University in South Dakota. HOOP means Honoring Our Origins and People through Native theater, education, and community development. “A major purpose of this program is for students to use Native theater for cultural creation and preservation at tribal colleges and in their communities,” says Jaye T. Darby, co­­-director of Project HOOP and a researcher at UCLA’s American Indian Studies Center.

During the first year of the grant program, UCLA researchers and professors will refine the curriculum-based theater program that was piloted by the UCLA theater department. The next two years will be spent implementing a model two-year intensive course of study in Native theater for the students of Sinte Gleska. Researchers hope the model will be adopted by all 31 tribally controlled colleges and universities throughout the United States and Canada.

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